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The DTVP is a service provided by DTVP Deutsches Vergabeportal GmbH. The company is a joint venture of Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH and cosinex GmbH. The portal offers comprehensive e-tendering for awarding bodies and supports them in the electronic implementation of award procedures. Companies are offered functions to participate fully electronically in the award procedures handled via the portal.

In addition to a wide range of functions and open interfaces, the special features of the portal are, on the one hand, the intuitive user guidance, which allows contracting authorities, in particular, to quickly get started with e-procurement without implementation projects or training. On the other hand – in the model for user fees that is transparent for contracting authorities and companies and complies with public procurement law: low monthly flat-rate user fee for contracting authorities, possibility of free participation in e-procurement procedures for companies and optional value-added services.

DTVP team


Cedrik Born

Gebietsverantwortlicher Produktberater – Region Süd

+49 (0)30 / 37 43 43 – 817
Frank Lendeckel DTVP

Frank Lendeckel

Produktberatung Vergabestellen

+49 (0)30 / 37 43 43 – 814
Portrait Lucas Spänhoff DTVP

Lucas Spänhoff

Leitung Produktberatung Öffentliche Auftraggeber

+49 (0)30 / 37 43 43 – 815
Maria Burkanova DTVP

Maria Burkanova

Online Marketing

+49 (0)221 / 976 68 – 200
Mario Kaiser DTVP

Mario Kaiser

Produktberatung Bieter

+49 (0)221 / 976 68 – 200
Marius Wolf DTVP

Marius Wolf

Gebietsverantwortlicher Produktberater – Region West

+49 (0)30 / 37 43 43 – 816
Sebastian Kleemann DTVP

Sebastian Kleemann

Unternehmenskommunikation / Marketing

+49(0) 0221 / 976-68 200

The Management Board

Dr. Antanina Kuljanin


Sascha Heinig


Dr. Antanina Kuljanin DTVP
Sascha Heinig Geschäftsführer DTVP
The Management Board
Dr. Antanina Kuljanin DTVP

Dr. Antanina Kuljanin


Sascha Heinig Geschäftsführer DTVP

Sascha Heinig


Our Partners

For the realisation and further expansion of DTVP, two strong partners, the Bundesanzeiger Verlag and cosinex, have joined forces and bundled their expertise: one of the leading specialist publishers in the field of public procurement law and official publications as well as one of the leading e-procurement providers in Germany.

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